Dissertation and requirements psychology

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Requirements for the M.A. degree are nine graduate courses (36 units), including Psychology ABC, BC (research project must be completed), and at least three of the four required core courses (students should refer to Doctoral Degree Course Requirements for further details).

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Applied developmental psychology doctoral students have the option of also completing course requirements for the MA concentration in school psychology. Students pursuing this concentration must complete 72 credits comprised of doctoral course work and at least 12 credits of dissertation research.

Internship and dissertation requirements are completed at the end of the program, with increasing numbers of students preferring to complete some or all or the dissertation requirements prior to the completion of the internship.

The clinical psychology program requires a minimum of three full-time academic years of graduate coursework and residency, a master's thesis and dissertation, comprehensive exam/project, and completion of an internship prior to awarding the doctoral degree.

Doctor of Psychology

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Dissertation and requirements psychology
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Doctor of Psychology