Michelle obama masters dissertation

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The Radical Racist Background of Obama & We’re Not Talking About Barack

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Barack Obama by developing into his wife's college achievements. It also uses real quotations from the reader, though a few are taken out of material.

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Barack Obama’s Columbia University Thesis

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Michelle obama s dissertation

In Part One, I examined Michelle Obama's college thesis.I found that she appears to have been an angry, irrational and possibly dangerous person.

I also found that it's hard to believe she would've had the intelligence level required to graduate from law school, much less get accepted into law school. SUMMARY: E-mailers go after Sen.

Michelle obama dissertation boston

Barack Obama by digging into his wife's college years. They take Michelle Obama's senior thesis and add their own fabrication. There seems to be no shortage of.

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Michelle obama masters dissertation
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The Radical Racist Background of Michelle Obama