Port economics

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Port Economics

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Labour economics

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Port Statistics

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The academic partners, including the core partners of the PORTOPIA project, all have established track records in various domains of port performance management, and are responsible for or contribute to existing systems of port industry endorsed port performance management in the EU and beyond (such as the Dutch Port Monitor, the Baltic Port List, the ECOPORTS project, the AAPA port users perceptions.

Port Economics covers the historical development of port organization and technology, production measures, short- and long-term cost functions, pricing, and investment. The capital input by the port authorities and the labor input by the cargo-handling companies are discussed, and the authors consider the utility of merging port and stevedoring charges.

The Cairns Chamber of Commerce is one of the leading business organisations in Cairns, established for over years and a representative of the local business community.: Advance Cairns is the peak coordination agency for economic development in TNQ.

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Port-Transport Networks Our researchers focus on the translation of academic knowledge into policy advice and business solutions in the field of port economics, port management and port.

Port Economics

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Port economics
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